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mack rears

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difficult question depending on what year your talking about but what I have found in the past was you start with the basic 46000lb suspension and as it goes up you find taller spring packs deeper spring insulator box with bigger pads heavier trunion stand larger driveline with larger u-joints even larger fabricated rear end housings or ductile iron housings also a difference in torque arms

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On 7/13/2021 at 8:41 PM, Chandler Lloyd said:

what is the difference between a mack 46000lb rear and a mack 52000lb rear?


There are 2 versions of the housing - fabricated steel with 14mm wall thickness housing sold at 52k lbs GAWR in past with some spring suspensions(11mm is sold @ 46k lbs GAWR with camelback but 14mm with air suspension) and cast iron housing sold at 46k lbs GAWR & 52K lbs GAWR.

The housing itself on axle ductile version is same for 46k & 52k version but suspension (with different spring packs) can be different. With cast ductile version there was Mack proprietary spindles (obsoleted in 2018) and industry standard R-series spindles (offered since 2010). The R-series is available in drum and disc brakes while Proprietary version is only available with drum brakes. 

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