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Antique Mack Tools

Timothy Maikshilo

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Hi everyone, years ago I picked up some mack tools.

I've got a ball peen hammer with a mack stamp on the

head and a williams #75 7/16-1/2" mack wrench,9/16-

5/8" no name but a B inside a triangle and on the other

end 2012-79S mack stamped. 1 1/8USS-1 1/4SAE on

one end and 7/8USS-1SAE mack stamped. 7/8 -3/4 and

a williams 9/16-5/8 #79S. Did tool makers do this for Mack

dealers or could individuals purchase them? Also dose anyone

else collect tools too? Tim

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I have several old Mack wrenches and tools.Most of them I have were made by either Williams or Bonney.From what I've heard,the came in tool kits with new trucks back in the 20's&'30's

Ok so the B stands for Bonney, Thanks I like to know what I have and I hope to find more to add to my collection. Thanks Superdog,Tim :thumb:

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Actually the B in a triangle is for the Billings and Spencer company.

more info here:


I collect tools from the sets that would have come with cars, or in this case, trucks.

I have a few Mack wrenches, but no kits.

I'd love to see some photos of Mack toolkits.



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