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R300 specs


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An R300 does not exist and never did. Based on the VIN provided it would be an R600 series single axle that originally left the factory as a road tractor configuration. It would have originally had a 237hp Maxidyne given the "85" after the 6. The 6 represents the chassis class. 600 in this case. The T represents factory tractor and the 40764 indicates the number this R685 is in the production run. Given that Mack serial numbers started at 1000 (I think) this would have been the 39,764th built. If you are getting the VIN off the tag inside the drivers door you need to be careful that the door has not been changed over the years. A safer place to look is the passenger side frame rail just behind the front shock mount. The VIN number should be stamped there.

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