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No power/no boost/black smoke/no balls

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It's a long story but I'm going out on limb for help. Perhaps this belongs in electrical but please bear with me.

1999 mack e7 427 dump truck,truck rolled over destroyed the cab n hood. Truck ran engine wise tons of pwr no smoke.

Next had donor truck with a 2001 427 chassis model engine destroyed. Took cab off 2001 places it on 1999 and changed out all the electronics and exterior piping on truck except the injectors/turbo and etc. However oil cooler/fuel filter/intake and water manifold got the updated 2001 including wiring harness and relocation of ecm from passenger to driver side.

The problem everything works even got the nice newer updated dash n electric windows. The bad no boost maybe 19-20 on rare occasions. Psi tested no leaks and truck barely pulls it own ass n it has tendancy to have high egt over in the shutdown zone.

I'm not going to lie while in the shop both engine ecm was not labeled so I have no clue what ecm I have. I want to say it's the 1999 but not sure. However the other ecm got tossed around the shop n two of the pins are now broken off. 

So what I'm wondering is that will the 2001 eng ecm hinder performance or is the 1999 and the vechicle ecu putting the truck in some kinda limp mode? Physically nothing else wrong so before I take it to mack any insight? Thank you in advance 


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I know you say you have know leaks how ever I wouldn't count on it! Your symptoms are lack of air ! Cracked after cooler /Bad turbo/ air compressor feed hose /intake gaskets blown out or something I would take a second look if it were me! Limp Mode would be opposite no smoke no power! physical problem of some sot in my mind!

Just sayin!

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