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150 amp fuse/relay

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Hello , 

My 2008 Mack has a 150 amp fuse/relay w red wire that goes to who knows where I can’t tell , the truck completely dies, lights engine , everything! When this happens I have to wait a minute or so when it clicks I can press the button and it comes back; Very dangerous. 
Any ideas ? Thanks in advance.



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Bypassing it is not recommended.  If it's blowing and you are not 479% certain that it is not a bad breaker, you risk sending the entire truck up in flames.

The breaker you are looking for to replace yours looks to be part number 21301448.  Mack has 261 of them at their PDCs.  This should automatically reset as opposed to hitting the button.  If you want one with a button, look at a Bussman CB185 series breaker.  You can find the 150A breaker, with a reset button on it, at Grainger under item# 6CJA2, Bussman part number CB185-150.

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