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  1. 2008 Mack CHN Mp8 18 spd
  2. Good evening friends , Today at an intersection I went to take off and my truck wouldn’t accelerate, it gave me enough to crawl out of the way and with parking brake on , it would accelerate with no power after a while I shut truck off for a few minutes, started it up and ran fine rest of the day. Anyone experience this before ? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thank You! Gonna ask my oil supplier about it
  4. Central FL , Davenport
  5. Yes sir! I will feel better having them done I used to have an ISX and everyone said I didn’t need to touch it till a million I had it done @ 600,000 and they were bad
  6. An update! He turned the fuel down problem solved
  7. I saw the one Mack offered, I didn’t buy it cuz I can’t reset it ... can’t find the same one anywhere, Has anyone bypassed theirs ? Thanks
  8. Thank You Gentlemen! 1sr try will be the oil analysis! You guys rock 👍
  9. I guess it’s more peace of mind for me
  10. Good Evening! Just want some input ....Should I have rods & mains bearings done on my mp8 since it has 745,000 miles on it ? Thanks
  11. I appreciate it ! Thank You! Will replace right away.
  12. Hello , My 2008 Mack has a 150 amp fuse/relay w red wire that goes to who knows where I can’t tell , the truck completely dies, lights engine , everything! When this happens I have to wait a minute or so when it clicks I can press the button and it comes back; Very dangerous. Any ideas ? Thanks in advance.
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