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1992’ Mack Engine?

Mr. Dana Taylor

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The RB is the set back front  axle Version of The RD Both Very reliable Robust units Why? They were given those letters is Any ones Guess but That is what is indicated by there prefixes! The 427 is A good engine fairly reliable !The numbers in the prefix also can indicate the truck could be a single axle or tandem 612 indicates a single axle These are just some of the indicators of what these model numbers mean theres people here that know  alot  more than my self on this subject but you get the idea! 

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I think RD stands for ... Refuse/Dump... (CH... Const./Highway)... (MR... Municiple/Refuse) (CL... Const./Logging) (LE... Low Entry).. Dont know what RB is... Heck I may be full of crap too, but, somewhere I remember someone telling me this...  Jojo

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