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So I think im searching wrong for manuals. Id like to find any manuals for my 1980 U685ST. 5 speed trans matched to a EZT675 engine which I think is also called a 237. 

Is TS 442 what the manual is called? With revision 1980? I found a few TS 442 but nothing with a rev passed 1979. Will that work? The ones ive found are sometimes one book or as many as three books.

Just a little help on what I should be looking for on ebay. Any other websites I should be looking on? Or online resources?

I work for a Case IH parts department and I can pull full manuals for almost any Case or IH equipment. So I hope Mack has something as well.




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I'm not sure if this helps, hope it doesn't confuse . 

On the back page of an old operators manual I have for DM and DMM is a mention of your reference ( TS 442) 

Before you say its the wrong book , I actually have one of the books of the pair and it covers all Macks ,including your "U"

I wouldn't be concerned if the last revised date was 79. 


This is the back Page of the manual above



This is one of the manuals of the set mentioned above 


And this is the back page of the Manual above 




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thank you sir. you answered my question perfectly.

i bought a set if the green manuals with a rev 1979. they look in good shape. i dont need much help right now with the truck. but i know how things go as you start digging into equipment. that one old line replacement turns into a major project.

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Glad it helped. Unfortunately there is no part #'s in those books. I'm not sure what you could get with part #'s. 

I have always had good luck getting the info I need on this site. 

 I have John Deere equipment. Like Case IH ( I think ?). I can go on line and get a parts breakdown of any machine , very easily. I wish I could with my old Macks. Instead ...... I go in the dealership , ask for a part for a 1985 R model and the parts person looks at me like I have 2 heads.LOL 

I'm not sure if you have ever visited the BMT wiki section. There is some cool stuff there .  

P.S.   Because I have Deere , I don't knock case IH.LOL .    My father still has a 1954 Case SC4 he purchased new 


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There are not many parts I cant find a part number for Case IH. Now if the part is actually obtainable is another story all together lol...

We farm, and even with working for Case IH I have mostly a mix of brands. We have mostly Deutz and now Deutz Fahr for as long as I can remember. Talk about almost zero dealer support in the USA. But it has made us stronger at solving our own issues without dealer hand holding.

It appears Mack may be much of the same. The parts guy I called at a local Mack store didnt understand why my vin wasnt 17 digits. I suspect the truck is at least 20 years older than he is. Funny how quickly history is lost with progress. 


Thanks again for the help.

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