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ENDT 673 final year offered



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ENDT-673 was absolutely offered that late.  ENDT-675 was introduced in mid-60s as an option.

If it has a factory Quad box, it SHOULD NOT have the 675...not from the factory at least.

250HP ENDT-673 with the Quad was a common configuration.

Oh, on my '70 R600, it was stamped "T-673C" on the RH side of the engine, on the gear case.  That made it the ENDT-673C engine.  It was marked 250 HP on the tag on the valve cover.  Also, this engine was standard on that particular model number: R611.  The R611 was a Thermodyne powered model.  The ENDT-675 mentioned above (237 HP Maxidyne) would have come in the R685.  So, check the serial number stamped on the RH side of the frame, near the rear hanger for the front spring.  The one on the door may be right, or the door may have been changed.

Lots of good info on here about what the various model numbers told you about the truck.

Hope it works out for you.

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