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E9 Exhaust manifold sealants

Ricky k

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Sure, there are several ways to do it. Depends how good the fit is between the male and female parts. If there are groves worn into the female parts putty or cement is best. I think the actual seal rings from Mack are NLA. If you want to take the time get a piston ring catalog from Total Seal or some other ring manufacture, measure the female diameter and width of groove on the male and order rings to match, not the same as Mack parts but will work. Let us know what part numbers you come up with.

If that is more than you want to do and have deep grooves in the parts get some boiler putty or wood stove seal cement. Got to leave it sit over night then run it up over 600 degrees for a while on the pyro the next day to cure, should be fine until next time.  :thumb:

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