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2007 ctp713 with epa 04 emissions mp7

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I got a truck with a mp7 epa04. im looking for the ecm interface plug pinout. It has the small 16 pin like a e7 engine and all the diagrams i have from mitchell and on motor are for the newer ones with the bigger interface plug the pugs in above the ecm. Thanks 

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Yes thats what this truck is. Build date 3/07, First mp7 i ever seen with only a egr for emissions on it. Mack dealer will not help with schematics or fuse/relay diagrams. Says its against company policy  The truck cranks but will not fire off. Im not sure what wires need power and ground. Could be the ecm is gone, but with out confirming wiring i dont want to throw an ecm on it.  Tech tool is no help either, It tells me to check fuse 38 or it has a short to ground. Doesnt give me any thing more than that. ive been diggin everywhere i can think of for schematics and come up short. 

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I have them.  Are you sure a fuse isn't blown or something simple ?  Engine harness plug down by fuel filters was a popular trouble spot. Was the VECM changed ?   Look for the easy (cheap) stuff first.  Like I said, engine harness plug is a good starting point, but it's not easy to see or spot a broken wire.

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