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B30 237 swap

1988 R model

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I did this a while back with a '63 B-42. I used a B-61SX as a donor truck. The frame on the B-42 was pre-drilled to accept gas or diesel cross members and transmission mounts, so both will bolt right in. I would think that the B-30 frame would be pre-drilled as well, although it is a much lighter truck. The springs may be an issue up front with the added weight of the eng & trans. Having a donor would really help for all the bits and pieces you'll need to hook everything up. I have a 237 in mine now, hooked to a triplex. Started with a END-673. The five speed might take the same mounts, but I'm not sure. The engine will fit and you'll need the bigger B-61 radiator to cool it. It will handle the 237. Somebody, here, may have done this to a B-30 and have more info on the pros and cons of that particular model. It can be done, though.

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