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07 Granite steer axle bearing torque

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I may have a question that has already been ask but after searching I am not finding anything helpful for my needs. I have a 07 Granite dump with 20k steer axel 30HF545P2. The inner oil seal is in need of replacement and my question is how to reseat and the torque required when I reassemble the hub/bearings. Thanks in advance for any input. Byron

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My 2 cents worth TAX free

Repack with grease

if a seal fails with oil in hub U only got a few minutes/hours before all oil gone n U could end up in a ditch

with grease if seal fails U know U gunna need fix the problem sum time nex week/month

We torque up front steer hubs F tight with a 2 foot bar while spinn n the wheel ... then back off 1/8th or quarter turn of nut

recheck wheel for looseness by wobblin wheel on jack with daylight under tyre after U dun a run or 2


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