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  1. 😕Hello I may have a question that has already been ask but after searching I am not finding anything helpful for my needs. I have a 07 Granite dump with 20k steer axel 30HF545P2. The inner oil seal is in need of replacement and my question is how to reseat and the torque required when I reassemble the hub/bearings. Thanks in advance for any input. Byron
  2. Thanks Mack Technician for this post its beyond helpful.Turns out my Mack Granite is up to date (according to Mackpro ) (Thanks Mackpro) Its fantastic that you guys take the time to help a complete stranger. Not a lot of Mack here on the west coast. I also appreciate the link for service manual download. Its something I've been needing for a while. Gearing up for the start of this conversion and will be starting soon. Question though is it necessary to replace the fuel lines? most everything I read says to replace them with new, but seems to me to be a bit of overkill. I already have the exhaust manifold and most of the rest of parts is on order. One cost that surprised me is the gaskets for manifold but gotta have them oh well. Really looking forward to starting this project
  3. Wanted to thank responders, I am feeling a lot more confident undertaking this conversion. Also appreciate the heads up on frozen studs/nuts on manifold removal. Experience has taught me these 6hr jobs can easily be 2 days (+ extra $ ) when dealing with stuck or broken nuts and bolts. Think I may split any nuts that give me a fit in a attempt to avoid rethreading. Thanks Mackpro for the upgrades help. I goofed on VIN the # is 067965 Its a 07 Granite but the engine shows 2006. Although the truck runs good it seems a few horses short than the advertised HP. Not long ago I would rather be locked in a room with my ex mother- in-law than work on trucks. But I am kind of looking forward to this project.
  4. Not sure where to start with my questions. I have been reading everything I can find regarding how to squeak a bit more oomph from my 2006 AI427 Granite. Truck was originally a fleet asphalt hauler from Iowa. Its rigged as a Strong Industry's 7 axel super dump. GVW 80k. Hauls around 25 ton of material. Love the truck very quiet and smooth ride. I upgraded from a 1977 RL788 so needless to say its a tad better. I am acquiring the parts to make the changes Mack Technician has called for on this form. And intend to start the conversion late March. My first question Is there any special order regarding what to do first? I plan on making the changes in 3-4 steps in order to keep the truck working part time. My next question is ECM updates/ upgrades. The closet Volvo dealer is 1 1/2 hr. drive. Although they handle Mack service. They don't seem enthused in helping me with Mack stuff. So the closest Real Mack dealer is 3 1/2hr. drive through a couple mountain passes. With record snow this year I am not excited in making that trip. Neither shop would give me info over the phone regarding updates. My vin is (last 6) 697965. Hoping someone on this form could cross reference and tell me if any updates are needed. Save me from a long drive that may not be productive. Thanks in advance for any advise.
  5. Long time follower first time with a question. 2007 granite vin ***067965 engine # 6x0830 AI427. Was running great but due to bad weather down time. I was able to pull into my shop and do some maintenance and add some comforts. I pulled instrument cluster and cleaned grounds. Also cleaned grounds on engine, hard wired a dash cam with rearview. pulled and cleaned connectors under hood. Put back together and now have no throttle. Idle is at 900rpm. Rechecked my connections and seem fine. I accidentally arched between ignition & battery when wiring dash cam just for split second. I think I may have pulled something loose when messing with dash. Any input would be much appreciated.
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