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Best cab shocks

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You guys have any suggestions for decent cab shocks?  98 CH613 day cab....I used to get mine from the Mack dealer.  Expensive but ok.  Don't know who makes those.    My last round were Gabriels.  Only lasted 16,000 miles.  I may try Monroe next unless you guys have another suggestion.

Bouncing around the quarries doesn't help but I think I should be doing better than 16,000 miles.

Thanks in advance.


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iv always just used the mack branded ones from the dealer. normally get about a 10-12 months out of them before they start leaking then there only a couple months from riding a pogo stick after that. normally run around 80-90k miles a year. 2000cx613 i too would like to find something better but sounds like mine have been doing better than what yours have been. 

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