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2000 Etech unit pump problem

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Anyone have a wiring diagram for the 2000 E7 Etech Unit pumps?  Number 3 is having a problem, and It's spending a lot of time with a miss.  Had the same problem a few years back, swapped out the unit pump and it didn't fix it.  Brought it in, and they ran a new wire which fixed it.  Said I should probably get a new wiring harness.  I'm hoping with a wiring diagram, i can find and string a new wire for #3...  before the weekend is over!  

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i replaced the harness on my 2000 there was quite a few places the injector portion of the harness was chaffed cracked ect. i don't have a diagram handy to help you out but. once you get it fixed for now i would consider planning to replace the harness in the near future. i used to have all kinds of phantom codes that would come and go on my truck new harness solved all of that was a worthwhile repair imo. 

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