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Help with Eletrical Problem!!! Please!!!

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I have a CH613 95’ Mack that has a problem in the electrical system. I have had the shut down engine light come on and the truck shut off going down the road. All I had to do was turn the key off and turn it back on then it would go again. Then the solenoid behind the dash panel started going out. That lasted about 4 years. The dash lights started going out then coming back on eradradicllly. The headlights weee not affected.

Then the other day the truck would only crank about a second and then the solenoid would kick out. Traced all the wires and bought a new solenoid. Same cranking problems occurred again. Then I removed the starter and took it to a rebuild shop. The man that rebuilt it said the starter was wore out and the starter solenoid was grounded out. Thought this would fix the problem but it didn’t. I put the rebuilt starter on and it cranked fine. Ran it up the road about a mile and once I got back to the shop I shut it off and the starter motor was engaged. I took the positive side off the battery quickly! I also had checked all the grounds and cleaned them good before I had put on the rebuilt starter. The grounds I found were: from the engine to the truck.. from the frame to the alternator... and one ground inside the truck behind the dash panel. Can someone please help me with this issue??? I’m running out of ideas!!!!

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Gday mate, you’ve got a handful of issues there.  For starters there’s only three sensors that will bring on the red shutdown light.  Low oil pressure, low coolant level or high coolant temp. There’s good quality solenoid’s and not so good.  You need the right one for the job.  

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