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Yesterday's Run:


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Last week while installing the overhead door operator on my buddy's implement dealership/ag shop, I was asked to come into the office to see first if I could run up to Cameron, WI to pick up a New Holland 2WD 70hp tractor, coordinate a day for pickup, and any other questions I may have. Sitting there listing via speaker phone, I hear the coordination going forth and the tractor being dealer traded for is at their other dealership. The gent on the phone at the WI dealership, (Mitch) says with a days notice he'll have it transferred over. I physically heard this conversation. He was given four days notice that I would be there on Monday early afternoon for the pickup.

I departed my area at 5:30am yesterday morning as scheduled to arrive early afternoon. I get there and upon meeting this "Mitch", he informs me he never agreed to have that tractor transferred from the other dealership, and "IF" I wanted it today, I would have to travel the 68 miles distant, (further west) to pick it up as they were much too busy to do it themselves. I did not jump into his spiel and although my inclination was to call him what he was, (FUCKING LIAR) I chose to keep the conversation professional. He had no realization I actually overheard the original conversation on the telephone.

Regardless, the weather had been steadily deteriorating the whole trip starting with near freezing temperatures, a steady westerly stiff breeze exceeding 25mph, and intermittent rain/sleet combination through Iowa and into Wisconsin. By the time I jumped onto Interstate 94 at Tomah, WI, it was a steady sleet, stiff winds, and snow plow and salters galore. US 63 was getting very slick but I pressed on to arrive on time. After leaving this "Buffoon's" dealership I had to drive straight west on WI 8 and it was really slick with snow starting to pile up. 30mph for over 50 miles takes a long time too. Seeing these signs all over the interstate made me suspicious of what I was running into:


Arriving at the other dealership they do have the tractor inside and what can I say, it's a tractor. However, the people working that dealership are severely lacking in knowledge of this transaction with arrogance abounding. I've done figured out by now the "attitude" is prevalent at this business entity. They did get the tractor outside and I loaded uneventful chaining down securely as I knew the ride home was going to be subject to the unknown with the weather becoming further inclement:



I jumped back into the truck and drove as long as the fuel supply was near exhausted and stopped in LaFarge, WI to top off. I then drove the rest of the way home. It was slow going at times as many of the twisty, winding roads were completely snow packed and slick where the center line could not be seen. The weather really did not give a break until about Dubuque, Iowa on US61. There was still snow and ice but considerably less till about 15 miles north of I80 on US61. Still had that cross wind from the west however. The rest of the trip was uneventful back home but near 20.5 hours in the saddle is a long time to drive because it was so slow going. 30mph on US53 a good portion of the way made it and extended trip as the did the WI 8 portion both ways. As with any storm, a lot of folks needed to stay home. 

As far as that dealership; In my opinion, not worthy of further consideration into any matter and to be clear, "I do NOT recommend them for anything", seeing what was going on at both locations.


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They gladly offered but the deal needed to be done before the end of day today. They take pretty good car of me in other ways so the genuine friendship works well. The gent whom purchased this also purchased a 100hp cabbed New Holland loader tractor, a 62hp Massey loader tractor, and this New Holland needing to take delivery before the end of year. I think, (but don't know) that a special financing deal was put together. Kind of a large scale farmer in the area I'm told. With me pushing through, there is nothing fudged or ambiguity induced into the transaction.

I met the purchaser today and he stuck a $20.00 bill in my shirt pocket telling me he really appreciated my efforts. Not much in the grand scheme but he was under no obligation.

Dog.jpg.487f03da076af0150d2376dbd16843ed.jpgPlodding along with no job nor practical application for my existence, but still trying to fix what's broke.



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8 minutes ago, Maxidyne said:

Probably needed to get the deal done in '19 for tax reasons, though I don't think it absolutely has to be delivered in '19.

Absolutely. However the formal bill of sale(s) needed submitted to CNH, and AGCO for the purchases today. All three tractors are still in the shop at the dealership awaiting front weights for one, and installation of the same for another. The larger cabbed tractor is ready to go recently being cleaned and waxed. 

I've found the trouble with dealership trades is you really don't want to purchase sight unseen. Lots of shenanigan's take place in the agriculture realms just as in the used car business. As instance this tractor has some scratched paint, and 10 additional hours on the clock than was divulged. While slight in outward appearance, it must be accounted for and price offset in allowance.

Dog.jpg.487f03da076af0150d2376dbd16843ed.jpgPlodding along with no job nor practical application for my existence, but still trying to fix what's broke.



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