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CV713 Cab parts from CH613

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Does anyone know if the cabins are the same between 2001-2007 CH613s and CV713 except for the hood? I am looking to purchase a wrecked CV713 and can only find CH613 cabins for sell for replacement. The damage is the roof of the cabin was smashed and I am wondering if I can chop the roof from a CH613 and replace the roof of the damaged CV713. I have a few CH613s and 1 CV713 back home but im unable to verify as I am out of town, looking to purchase this wrecked CV713 before returning home! Thanks for the help.

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All Mack cabs with the “newer” interior from 2002-2007 are the same and completely interchangeable.   The only modification you might have to do if you swap the whole cab, you might have to transplant your original dash harness to the replacement cab but even this is not difficult, I’ve swapped them in about an hour.   

2007.5 and later are slightly larger cabs and have the redesigned interior.  These newer cabs won’t work as a simple swap.  

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