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Anyone ever try fooling the IAT sensor with a resistor to trick the ecu into thinking it's really cold to increase fuel output from the eup's? Magnum Tuning claims  15%increase in power with their tuner and that's all that it does.  It installs between the sensor and the ecu tricking it into thinking the intake air temperature is colder than what it is. I understand the theory of why that would increase fuel output but was wondering if anyone has tried it. 

2000 cx613 460 w/ 096 nozzles  and 171702 turbo.  Currently at 464 rwhp


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On 3/21/2021 at 9:58 PM, 880joe said:

Are you talking about the cold air sensor on the left rear of intake manifold

Yes. I did it awhile ago actually. It does make a difference. Installed a 10k potentiometer and run it at about 6k. 

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