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  1. Yep. That's where I got them from.
  2. Yep. Thedieselstore.com for $265. I still get the 8-6 code from time to time with no difference in how the engine is running. My mack dealer told me it wasn't necessary to put the calibration codes into the computer unless I have an issue. I'm going to wait until I do the other 4 pumps and then have them put the codes in anyways. I am getting an ignition knock(not all of the time) at an idle.
  3. So, I changed 2 and 6. No problems! Yesterday, an 8-6 code started intermittently popping up. Before it was an 8-2, that's why I changed number 2 to see if that code would go away. Figured if it didn't, I had a wiring issue. I never got a 8-6 but I changed it because there was fuel leaking around that one. No change in engine performance when the code pops up. 20 year old wiring harness perhaps?
  4. Hopefully the eup's I ordered from thedieselstore.com are the right ones. As long as they send me what I ordered they should be. My local Mack dealer showed me a Mack website where you can download the manuals for free. Pretty handy! Thanks for all your help!!
  5. Ok. Thank you. I found online where you can download the manuals for free. I just needed the 5-106. Mutch appreciated!
  6. I have 1.7 million miles on my E7 with original eup's. Number 6 and 5 are starting to leak and I'm getting an intermittent number 2 flash code. I'm gonna go ahead and replace all 6 and am looking for the proper procedure. Can anyone help with that?
  7. www.thedieselstore.com has Bosch reman for $265. No up front core charge.
  8. I know this is 2 years later but I'm responding for others that might find this thread. Www.thedieselstore.com has the mack unit pumps for $265. Other sites and Mack want $450-500.
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