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RD camshaft replacement

Zj transport

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hey guys...my 1st time doing a camshaft in one of these. I come from the much smaller automotive field lol.. my question is when doing the camshaft is it necessary to change all lifters and h rings or can just the broken stuff be swapped out? and can I leave the eup rollers alone or do they need attention as well somehow? its a 2001 rd688s w/ etech e7 350..thank you for your time and any advice 

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PAI industries is an aftermarket for Mack. They own some of the Mack intellectual property rights and build to spec. They usually cost about 25-30% less, but not always. 

If you have the heads off it’s easy to check or replace H-Rings. Depth and alignment checking them is sufficient. If your feeling a little paranoid you could replace the H-ring on your failed hole. Also check condition of guide pins for the EUP rollers. Do you own an H-Ring installation tool?

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