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  1. ahh ok good to know..i looked up the h ring tool and was gonna purchase it new around 400 ..I cant risk this happening again.
  2. I was going to replace the h rings. do u think all is necessary or just the failed lifter? and im sorry forgive my ignorance but what is PAI lol
  3. hey guys...my 1st time doing a camshaft in one of these. I come from the much smaller automotive field lol.. my question is when doing the camshaft is it necessary to change all lifters and h rings or can just the broken stuff be swapped out? and can I leave the eup rollers alone or do they need attention as well somehow? its a 2001 rd688s w/ etech e7 350..thank you for your time and any advice
  4. Can someone tell me how much oil a 2001 Rd 688 s with an E7 350 etech takes at an oil change interval with filters? I get different answers
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