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AC not working thinking of red dot or stock

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Just doing an A/C change over on my 88 RW now. Depending on the year of your truck you will have to change out most of your system anyway. Before 1993 R-12 was used and is now on its way permanently out, R-12 is no longer made and the price is on the clime for it. R-134A is what is the norm and was mandated to be used in 1994 and newer stuff.

The only thing that was reusable was the A/C core in the air box. New valve, hoses, compressor, condenser, dryer and high pressure switch are needed. Total cost on parts is about $800 plus labor. It is all Red Dot parts to do the retro fit. The back wall Red Dot unit would have to have all these parts if you have an R-12 system. If it is a 134A system it would be the unit and longer lines (which are pricey, $360 for my system) provided nothing else is wrong. I have heard the back wall units work much better than the under dash ones. The only thing is that room is already tight in an R model cab so I went the way I did because of space not function. At the same time I put in sound and heat insulation in the cab and doors to help with well, sound and heat. It is suppose to be good to lower the temp about 15 degrees and sound 10 Db. I will see when the truck goes to the ATHS show in a few weeks. 

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Well I ordered new compressor new dryer nee expansion valve took evaporator core out had it pressure checked and clean no holes ..

Reinstall everything including orings ac goes down to 34 degrees now ..

Plan to do the same with my other 2 rds 

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