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Semi electronic. Starting issue

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Hello everyone. I'm sure you guys can help me for you have all provided me spot on advice in the past so here we go.

94 rd. Had a e7 400 with electronic foot pedal with a  Bosch injector pump. Truck was purchased with blown motor. We brought a 97 e7 454 semi electronic to put in its place. We are using the flywheel of the e7 400 cause we had that one resurfaced. Now. Truck wont start. Now I will not fill this thread with the things I have already read because I wont a from scratch opinion. Other problem. On that Bosch pump what's the feed and what's the return. When they swapped motor they didnt remember  the fuel flow. I do know on our old e7 tip turbine , return is coming from front of pump.

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The transfer pump sucks thru the primary (red) filter pushes fuel to the secondary (green) filter to the back port on the fuel pump and fuel returns to the tank on the foward outlet of the pump Make sure you set the flywheel sensor one half turn away from the flywheel if you have Disturbed it !

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