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55k or 65k?



What are the visual differences on 55k Camelback vs 65k?

Just curious what our retired DM686SX has.

It's a double frame, each rail is 3/8" thick, for a total of 3/4" thick per side. Door doesn't have an axle rating sticker in it. Differentials are not original, we changed them out a few years ago when it ate a bearing to get the truck moving faster than 48 mph.

Did the 65k only go in a triple frame truck? How thick are the triple frame rails?

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7 hours ago, topo said:
  • The  65,000 rears I worked with had the large wheel  stud pattern and ran 12x24 tires
  • the 55,000 rears had the standard smaller stud pattern and used 11x24 tires

Not sure what you mean by large wheel pattern. This truck is 6 spoke hubs, with 11r24.5 tires. No idea if that's what it's always had, we've had the truck since I was 12 in 2001.

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