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Zenith 29D-Series Duplex Carb

FDNY 343

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So I've been chasing many Vacuum Leaks on my 1955 B Model Gas motor Rig. I rebuilt a vacuum control diverter valve on the Hale Fire Pump that was leaking like a sieve, I believe I fixed a Vacuum leak going to the Hydrovac Unit for the brakes. I now think I have a Vacuum leak in the Zenith Carburetor which I believe could be worn Vacuum Pistons of the Governor Throttle or the Vacuum Controlled Pump Piston of the accelerator pump. Either way I guess I have to rebuild the Carb, which leads me to my question... Are there any Complete Rebuild Kits out there? Are there any Rebuilt Carburetors out there? I've been all over the internet and have come up empty, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 
Jimmy K
1955 Mack B85 Thermadyne
Fire Engine

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I have had one of my carburetors rebuilt by a mechanic friend of mine, and he said it was pretty straight forward. The only thing I had to replace was the shaft bearings that were not included in the kit.

If you can find a good mechanic that is interested, or someone in your SPAMFFA group to help you out with the rebuild, I would go that way. 

You can get a rebuild kit https://carbkitsource.com/models/Zenith 29D.html

You can contact Zenith Fuel Systems also @ http://zenithfuelsystems.com/

I hope this helps,



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