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New air compressor


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Hey guys I went to replace the air compressor on a friends truck. 95 dm with a e7 350. Any way the new compressor he supplied has side to side play on the inlet. Like a lot, about 3/16 side to side. He wanted me to put it on but I said something isn’t right. The old worn out one has no side to side play. I suggested taking the new compressor back it came from fleet pride. Am I right or am I worried about nothing? As always thank you for any answers ahead of time.

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Not sure, but I have been less than impressed with "rebuilt" air compressors from my dealer for my endt676 engine. I've replaced a couple because my wet tank loads up with a thick oily tar. Throwing rebuilt compressors at it won't make it stop filling with this tar so I gave up and just drain the tank every month or two, drawing as much as half a gallon or more of this crap out.

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