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Air leak


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Hello All

I just bought a 2000 mack 688 rd dump truck . while driving i noticed when i push the brakes the pressure drops in the tank rapidly. i went back to the yard and parked. when i push the brakes i hear a loud air lead. i traced it to the air relay . when i push the brakes a lot of air comes out from the side of the air relay . i was wondering if this is a bleed port of something. its kinda hard to see the whole valve so I'm just trying to get some info before i remove it. also i can't hear any other leaks while this thing bleeds cause its loud. 



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Yea i had to put some money when i first bought it . i'm a little annoyed at the shop i brought it to . I asked them to do a look over of the air brakes and they completely misses the huge lead. And hat city i'm going to replace in the am. I needed a truck to move fill and plow on the county roads during the winters. I got this thing for cheap and its actually in really good condition besides a few things.


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