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Happy Father's Day dads


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Spent most of the day mowing...been 5 weeks since the front axle on the mower broke, and it's been raining every 2nd or 3rd day since then so the grass was stupid long and thick.  Took the shop 4 weeks just to pull it in and look at it.  2 hours total working on it.  Fully covered under warranty, though, so it didn't cost me anything but the aggrevation of being without my damn mower for 5 weeks.  Anyway, got the lawn mowed now and it looks pretty damn good.


Took a break to change the little guy and get him fed, then got to work assembling the crib I've been refinishing for the boy.  We picked it up at an antique store...real nice oak crib...but it is missing the spring.  So I bought some brackets and a piece of plywood and we can drop the mattress down on that.  Wife's been on my case about how long it's been taking, but it's tough when it's 1,000,000 degrees outside and gotta keep the kid inside.  She complains about how hard it is for her to get stuff done INSIDE where she can keep an eye on him or let him crawl around the house chasing her.  Can't have him outside with me, though, because it's hotter than hell and don't need him exploring in the yard and finding a bomb left by the dogs, so I got to listen to him crying inside the house in his play pen over the baby monitor and if that don't just rip your heart out knowing he's just wanting to be held but you've GOT to get this crib done for him.  He's already flopped himself out of the cradle, so the wife bought a travel crib (which we really needed anyway for our road trips that are coming up) to get us by, but this crib is a lot bigger and better.  It's sanded, stained, and assembled...just needs a top coat or two now.


Anyway, that was my 1st Father's Day as a dad.  Would've liked to have spent more time with the boy, but stuff had to get done.  We hung out all day on Saturday, though...picked up the mower from the shop and did some other running around in town, even met up with momma at Chick-Fil-A on her lunch break.  That was kinda cool, 'cuz they were giving out can coozies to all the dads for Father's Day.


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I rember a few years back when mine where that small and its tuff. But just wait until you get your first  finger painted white t-shirt with his hand prints on the front.    Then another year or two and you will just sit back and think about the days when he was that small.   It goes by quick when you look back at it.   Mine are now 8 & 10 and it just seems like yesterday they where babies.    

image.thumb.jpg.8beb112834181446ca13e38a13d040c1.jpgyes they are hand prints and the one on the very bottom right is a puppy print.    I'm sure my wife remembers which color was which kid, but I have no idea.   

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