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T2090 Hose Question

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Hoping someone can help me identify which hose from the top of a T2090 goes to the "Outlet" on the range change valve on the gear stick.

It is either the green or red hose in the picture below.  The range selector valve was removed but (unfortunately) nobody took a note of the plumbing. One of the hose ports on the range change valve is marked "Outlet" but I don't recall if it took the red or the green hose.

Can anyone help?




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22 hours ago, Back In Black Pulling said:

on my truck the two lines on the right come out of the that center  block side by side top one going to the front of the rear housing other to the back 

line in front and bottom right go to shifter  supply go in the side of the big bolt or plug

Thanks BIBP - much appreciated

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