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My Favorite Kind Of "truck Route"

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Yikes...I don't think I'd be taking a long dump out on the back 40 like that. What were you guys doing?

Why not? Ain't no thing....I ain't skeerd :P

...but long ain't the half of it :lol: I got a 240" wheelbase on my daycab B)


We were hauling sludge (the stuff that comes up out of the ground with the water they pump...the soil, etc. that they have to remove before they can pipe it to your house) from one of the water treatment plants out to the back of a closed up coal mine...felt like I was pulling a liquid tank, too. When you got out to where we were dumping at, you had to make sure you were backed up to where you wanted it dumped BEFORE you hit the switch to unlatch the tailgate....because as soon as you did, all that sloppy mud would flow right out. The trailer was 3/4 empty before you'd even start raising the bed, and completely empty before it got past the second stage. :blink:

When approaching a 4-way stop, the vehicle with the biggest tires has the right of way!
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Yea, I've hauled sludge before...dredged out of the IL river. Reminiscent of explosive diarrhea when you pop the gate.

I see Beelman trucks quite a bit up this way. About 10 years ago I was the gopher for the Mack dealer here and they bought/traded for or whatever, about 30 ex-Beelman trucks. Me and another guy would make twice a week trips down to the St. Louis area to get them...my job also was to clean 'em up to throw on the lot. Never seen so much coal dust crammed into a cab.

Ever wonder how a blind person knows when to stop wiping?


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