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Mack DM Shutting off (fuel problem)?

Lucky dogg




I have a 1995 Mack DM truck.  Our service unit for servicing oil and gas wells is mounted to this truck.  It went into a local Mack garage recently for loss of power and a stalling problem.   They changed the charge air cooler and rebuilt the air compressor.  This did not solve our problem.  The truck seems to run ok servicing the wells (the rig runs off the mack motor) but the more we try to drive it the more the problem happens and gets worse.  The truck used to stall once or twice going down the road, now it stalls 10-15 times within a mile.  We have made sure the tank is full of fuel, the fuel filters are all changed, checked the air filter, (the normal checks).  This truck has mechanical fuel linkage and the injection pump looks pretty new from just looking at it.  I have read on this site other times about the pick up tube having a pin hole or a leaf being in the fuel tank obstructing the tube at times but I am pretty sure that is not it.  The fuel cap spring also moves and is clean.  I am looking for any suggestions as I have a crew of three guys that rely on this Mack to run for them.  If the truck does not run then no one works and does not get a check.  Not to mention we are up to our eye balls with work thankfully, now if I could just get the truck to run.  Please help if you can!  I am not a professional by any means but I try my best.  Thanks All!

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Believe it or not I stayed late shortly after this post and traced the fuel line.  No issues there.  I then removed the tube in the tank which draws fuel and inspected it.  I found a piece of plastic wrap stuck inside the tube.  Like a part of the clear window in a paycheck envelope or wrapper from a pack of cigarettes (couple of these guys smoke).  Put back together.  Ran fine since.  What are the odds lol

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