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  1. We have an 07 CTP713B with an eaton transmission. when it gets cold outside it gets stuck between lo and high. Have replaced slave valve and regulator and still the same. Have 3 other trucks that are the same with no problems. any help would be appreciated thanks
  2. we have an 06 MP7 with a miss, computer saying injector #3. are there any special tools needed to perform this ?
  3. I think it is behind the D panel
  4. the switch should be on the parking brake valve. I have seen guys take them out when they go bad and put a plug in place of it .
  5. does it have a kysor system on it. I have seen these with a loose ground wire on the air cylinder shut vehicle down. also check for smashed fuel line from tank to pump. hope this helps
  6. We recently purchased 10 03 CV 713 with automatic transmission's . when sitting in traffic with load on or on a hard pull some of them are overheating, have changed fan clutches on a couple of them and they still overheat. any suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. we have a cv713 all gauges have stopped working .
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