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When pulling off of E6 4 valve engines in the 80's some type of sealant was used on the head gaskets that stuck like cement from the factory.  I think it was the E6 but it could have been the early E7 engines.  At the time we asked the District service manger and he said they didn't use anything.  On a lot of the engine's when we removed the heads they were stuck, we would put a 6 ft bar in and could not get the Heads to come loose.  We finally would spray either in the engine and spin the motor over and they would pop loose.  It would split the gasket a part and leave gasket material on both head and block. They were a mess to clean up.  We have a old E6 with a lot of wear on the block and would like to try it instead of pulling the block and see it will hold.  Thanks

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