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Headlight arent working on a 2002 cl733- wiring diagrams anyone?

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So it all starts as everything is working just fine in on a daily trip up the river for a rounder of 680km, and everything is working just fine until one morning at 3am  when i go to leave the yard and i dont have any headlights at all

    daytime running lights wont come on , no low beams at all , and nothing on the high beams,  so the first thing i did was put a jumper wire across the headlight switch sockects , thinking maybe a switch packed it in ,, nothing,, in the glove box with a wiring diagram that i do have shows me that  power relay 4 feeds the rack of breakers that i should be checking, it was either #2 or #3 that was for the low beams so i swapped them out for know working breakers , but nothing changed, 

     I did some under hood checking and did find that there was actually power going to the low beams when the head light switch was on and in low beam but nothing on high beam,  ran my ground from the frame when doing that check so ill have to check that ground coming from the bonnet  to the frame

   Other thing ive done was to check for power coming to the drl module and couldnt find any , could be a headlight relay but i need some kind of reference of which one it is , like to actually know what all these relays are for so i can check a little deeper

      so anyone got a wiring diagram to show the relay assignments   or any advice on where to look a little deeper,  its just funny that this thing has been working just perfect right up to this moment and now this happens

                                                                                       Thanks Don

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