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Trying to replace vmac 1 ecm

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I have a 96 CH e7 427 vmac 1. The ecm went bad and I am trying to replace it with a used ecm from another truck that had an e7 350 vmac 1. I am able to download both factory files from Mack central server but when I go to reprogram the replacement ecm and it will not let me because the vin numbers don't match. Is there any way to clear the replacement ecm to reprogram it with the e7-427 or short of finding a e7-427 used ecm or converting it to a vmac 2 how can I flash this ecm ? 

Any help would be appreciated.


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I appreciate You guys responding so quick. 

Your right, there isn't an option to re flash for vmac 1 which I found rather odd. But you would think there has got to be a way to wipe a used ecm and reprogramming it instead of having to buy a blank reman ecm. I mean the reman center must somehow be scrubbing them, right?

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