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rods and mains


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have to drop the oil pan due to gasket leaking. Figure while there, why not change the bearings since it open.

Question #1-what "should" the set cost?

Question #2-torque specs for each?

Son is a DD mechanic and can get a 3/4 torque wrench and help

Oh yeah...what is the paint code for a 2001 E-tech?

Thank you in advance, Ed

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A few pointers for you- the main bearing in #2,3,5&6 are the same top and bottom. Main #1 shares the same bottom bearing as others but the top bearing is different.  The tang is located in a different spot and it will go into other locations. You will loose all crank thrust if that happens.  #4&7 mains are similar as well so be careful there too.

#5 buttress bolt next to the air compressor can be a pain to get at. If you have a Bendix air compressor you can remove the compressors lower cover and get at the buttress bolt easily. If you're replacing the oil pump make sure the drive great is the same. I've seen customers install incorrect pump assuming it was correct and shred the aux shaft drive gear. 

Good luck

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