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BYD showcases battery-electric trucks, buses at ACT Expo

Fleet Owner  /  May 4, 2017

BYD is showcasing the latest advancements in battery-electric buses, trucks and materials handling equipment this week at the 2017 ACT Expo at the Long Beach Convention Center.

“BYD continues to lead the industry with its advanced battery technologies that make electric buses, trucks and materials handling equipment cost competitive with other alternative fuel vehicle options today,” said Stella Li, president of BYD Motors. “BYD provides the safest battery available today in the electric vehicle market; our battery reliability also gives fleet managers the assurance they need that these vehicles will operate just as needed for any service route.”

Li continued, “Additionally, our BYD vehicles provide for significant operational cost savings in the range of up to tens of thousands of dollars per year per vehicle over the lifetime of the vehicle.”

BYD is showcasing several advanced, zero-emission all-electric transportation and equipment applications at ACT Expo 2017 including:

  • BYD 8Y Battery Electric Terminal Tractor: BYD’s class 8 terminal tractor provides 15 hours of continuous operation and offers operational cost savings of more than $27,000 annually (assuming operations 16 hours a day/seven days a week).
  • BYD 8R Battery Electric Refuse Truck: BYD’s 10-ton payload refuse truck provides 76 miles of range with minimal battery degradation. Fleet managers can expect more than $13,000 of operational cost savings annually based on service routes of 60 miles per day/five days a week. Manufactured in the City of Lancaster, California, the BYD refuse truck is compliant with FMVSS and CMVSS regulations.
  • BYD K11 60 ft. Articulated Bus: BYD’s 60 ft. battery-electric articulated bus is the latest addition to company’s line up of transit buses is the first of its kind available in the U.S. and provides 200 miles of range on a single charge with full charging completed within two to three hours. The 60 ft. articulated bus joins BYD’s other industry leading 30, 35, and 40 ft. low floor Buy America compliant transit buses with a 275-mile range.
  • BYD All-Electric ECB 25 Forklift: BYD’s ECB 25 battery-electric forklift provides ultra-fast full-charging completed in one to two hours maximum. The BYD electric forklift can run for two typical shifts on one charge and can be opportunity charged, whenever and wherever. The electric forklift also comes with BYD’s industry-leading 10-year full replacement battery warranty.

All BYD battery electric technologies displayed at ACT Expo can charge at 40 kW, 80 kW, 100 kW, or 200 kW rates, requiring between one and five hours of charging time depending on the model and selected charger. 

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BYD Introduces Class 8 Battery-Electric Refuse Truck

Heavy Duty Trucking  /  May 4, 2017

BYD's new Class 8 battery-electric refuse truck represents the first heavy-duty refuse truck designed and built by an original equipment manufacturer and is 100% battery electric. The company formally introduced the truck at ACT Expo on May 3, and it is now available for purchase and deployment.

BYD’s 10-ton payload refuse truck provides 76 miles of range with minimal battery degradation. The truck is a cab and chassis platform, which includes the batteries, high voltage control system, all-electric propulsion system, and electric power take off (ePTO) for powering the hydraulic system to operate the refuse truck bodies. This platform is designed to integrate with all of the major refuse truck body builders in North America and can be configured as a side loader, automated side loader, front loader, rear loader, or roll off.

Because the entire system was designed with electric propulsion in mind, the vehicle features optimized efficiency, maintenance, and usability throughout its life, according to BYD.

Fleet managers can expect more than $13,000 of operational cost savings annually based on service routes of 60 miles per day/five days a week. These savings are due to high-efficiency electric motors and motor controls, as well as lower maintenance on propulsion systems, fewer fluids to change, less brake wear due to regenerative braking technology, and fewer moving parts. Manufactured in California, the BYD refuse truck is compliant with FMVSS and CMVSS regulations.

The BYD battery-electric refuse truck can charge at 40 kW, 80 kW, 100 kW, or 200 kW rates, requiring between one and five hours to charge depending on the power interface used. BYD’s refuse truck battery technology allows for a projected 80% capacity after 5,000 cycles, or 14 years if charged every day.


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BYD raises capacity, adds new electric models at California bus plant

Automotive News  /  October 10, 2017

BYD Co. has hiked the annual production capacity at a California electric bus assembly plant to 1,500 units -- up from 300 previously -- to meet growing demand in North America.

The latest expansion will allow the factory to build electric trucks and special purpose vehicles, as well as buses.

The addition of a new wing has nearly quadrupled the plant’s floor space to 450,000 square feet. The factory now employs 800 workers, up from 300, with plans to hire 400 more.

The Lancaster, Calif., plant, which opened in 2013, is BYD's first overseas EV assembly plant. It has delivered 137 electric buses in the United States and Canada.

Deliveries this year total 75 buses, and customers have ordered 300 more.

BYD assembles buses and other EVs in China, California, Scotland and Brazil, and is building plants in Hungary, France and Ecuador. 

BYD, based in the south China city of Shenzhen, is listed in Hong Kong and Shanghai. It is partly owned by U.S. billionaire Warren Buffett.

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BYD Delivers First All-Electric Side Loader Refuse Truck

Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT)  /  November 15, 2017

The first all-electric automated side loader refuse truck from BYD was presented to the City of Palo Alto Calif., and GreenWaste, the city's waste hauler service provider. 

The BYD electric refuse truck uses its batteries for propulsion, as well as to power the hydraulic system for the body. The electric refuse truck has 76 miles of range and requires only two to three hours maximum to fully charge. The truck will operate on a variety of service routes in the community from urban to residential neighborhoods including streets with steep inclines.

 The truck was unveiled in a ceremony at City Hall with Palo Alto Mayor Greg Scharff, who praised BYD and GreenWaste for its efforts to bring the electric refuse truck to the Bay Area.

“I want to thank the manufacturer, BYD, and our refuse hauler, GreenWaste, for building and piloting the Bay Area’s first all-electric reuse collection truck,” said Palo Alto Mayor Scharff at the unveiling. “It will save 72 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions a year and help us meet Palo Alto’s ambitious goal of an 80% reduction in these emissions by 2030.”

According to BYD, GreenWaste and the City of Palo Alto will realize savings of more than $16,000 annually due to the truck’s efficient electric motors and controls and the less maintenance that is required for the propulsion systems. GreenWaste will monitor and collect data from the electric refuse truck’s routes to determine if additional electric refuse trucks can be purchased in the future to replace its entire diesel truck fleet.


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Buffett-Backed BYD to Open Electric-Truck Plant in Canada

Bloomberg  /  November 15, 2017

BYD Co., the Chinese electric-vehicle maker backed by Warren Buffett, plans to open its first assembly plant in Canada, anticipating a surge in demand for electric trucks from municipalities and businesses.

BYD, often described as China’s Tesla, will open the plant next year in Ontario and hire about 40 people to start, BYD Canada spokesman Ted Dowling said in a phone interview. The Shenzhen-based company has decided to “significantly” accelerate its investment in Canada as growing demand for electric vehicles and provincial tax incentives create a more welcoming environment than the U.S. in the short-term, he said.

“There is less of a barrier to entry when it comes to having Chinese products in Canada compared to the U.S.,” Dowling said. 

BYD, which is partly owned by Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc., refused to say where in Ontario the plant will be, how much it plans to invest or any government incentives it was offered. It expects to make an announcement in a few weeks, Dowling said.

BYD’s plan comes as countries shift to electric vehicles to combat climate change and reduce health risks. The U.K. and France plan to ban sales of diesel- and gasoline-fueled cars by 2040, while China has said it will set its own deadline.

Some Canadian provinces are offering thousands of dollars in rebates to electric-vehicle buyers, and companies are moving toward electric fleets, with grocer Loblaws Cos. unveiling its first fully electric truck last week.

Garbage Trucks

BYD will start its operations in Ontario by shipping technology and components from China and making short-range vehicles such as garbage and delivery trucks, said Dowling. The company intends to expand, hiring more people to add more Canadian content in the future, he said.

“BYD is a global company, but we like to localize,” Dowling said. “It doesn’t make sense to build everything in China and then ship it. It makes more sense to utilize the incentive programs and policy changes and create jobs in different markets.”

The company opened an electric-bus manufacturing plant in Lancaster, California, starting with less than 100 employees in 2013 and has boosted that to 700 workers.

New Industry

A core attraction for Ontario is that the region around Toronto has many distribution centers within close proximity, so if one company goes electric and sees their costs reduced, other companies will start doing it too, he said. 

If successful, BYD could be at the forefront of rebuilding a dormant truck-manufacturing industry, Dowling said. Canada has been losing auto investment to cheaper locations in the U.S. and Mexico with one of the last major commercial truck assembly plants closing in Ontario in 2011. Ontario is still home to Canada’s auto industry with General Motors Co. and Ford Motor Co. among companies with plants in the province.

“We’re bringing back an industry and we’re doing it through electrification,” Dowling said. “It’s a totally different game.”

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BYD Refuse Truck Delivered to California City

Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT)  /  April 19, 2019

BYD (Build Your Dreams) delivered a BYD 8R Class 8 Automated Side Loader (ASL) all-electric collection truck to Waste Resources to serve its customers in the City of Carson, Calif. This vehicle is the first all-electric refuse truck in residential collection operation in Southern California, according to the manufacturer. The heavy-duty truck features BYD’s propriety electric-propulsion system designed for refuse collection.

Waste Resources’ new truck features cab, chassis, and propulsion system built by BYD and an ASL body made by Amrep, a Wastequip company.

“Waste Resources is a forward-thinking company that is embracing zero-emission technology for the benefit of the communities it serves,” said John Gerra, BYD director of Business Development, Electric Trucks. “And we’re happy with the great work that Amrep does to help provide our customers with state-of-the-art zero-emission electric trucks.”

As the waste industry moves to become increasingly sustainable, zero-emission electric trucks are the future of the industry, according to BYD. In addition to the first BYD 8R recently delivered to Waste Resources, the company has placed orders for three additional units, including another 8R Class 8 and two 6R Class 6 Electric Refuse Trucks.



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