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L Model Clutch and Pedal

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Looking for some advice.  I just placed the engine and transmission back into the chassis of my L Model Mack Fire Engine.  After placement i placed the clutch arm/bracket and I do not know how to set it.  It seems like it is not releasing in far enough when I push the pedal.  Any advice is appreciated.

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Unfortunately there is not.  The part I am lost on is attaching the arm to the sprocket on the outside of the transmission and "how" to do that.  At one time I saw that someone posted the instructions on BMT but I can no longer find it. 

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Not to be Capt. Obvious, but are you sure the fork is engaging the throw out bearing? Have you also made sure the fork is sitting on the pivot point? You should be able to grab the end of the fork and feel if it is trying to move the clutch. The linkage itself is pretty straightforward. Hook the rod to the pedal, hook the linkage from the swivel rod to the fork via the turnbuckle type rod that provides the adjustment. Most clutches work by pulling back on the fork to push the throw out bearing forward.

Is the clutch itself an adjustable clutch? If you turned the adjustment the wrong way it will not disengage. Been there done that. Had to pull a transmission twice to figure that dumb ass move out. There should be some type of inspection port on the bell housing that will allow you to see what is going on when the pedal is depressed.

It's pretty hard to do, but the throw out bearing might be installed backwards. Is it the correct throw out bearing? Another one of life's lessons learned the hard way.

PM me if you want to call me and we can run through it. Sometimes just talking it through provides the "aha" moment you need.

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