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e6 4 valve injectors leaking back to line

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I had a guy replace the injectors in my e6 4valve two weeks ago with reman injectors from d&w. He couldn't get # 2, 3, and 4 to seal back up to the lines, so I put all new lines on the motor between the injection pump and the head. While i was at it i took the plugs out of the head that hold the injectors down and tightend the injector lines into the head first thinking maybe it would help the lines mate up with the cup in the injectors. I still have #2 and #3 leaking back through the head and out around the injector line. I really can't tighten down the lines into the heads any more than i already have. Is there a trick to getting the nozzle of the injector line to mate up with the cup in the injector? or did I just get some bad injectors?

thanks for your help, you guys have bailed me out before I'm hoping you can again


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was told there is a tool to reserfice the cup the line go s in never could find one , had some trouble with a couple of mine used a drill bit with same angle as end of line to clean them up,

just lightly run the bit in the cup and make sure you suck out the hole. i have one of those things my wife used to suck the snott out of the babys noseĀ 

or there could be dirt lodged in there or the orings are in the wrong grove

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