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1996 CH613 Crank and no start


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Hey any help would be great.

 I have a 1996 CH613 I brought into the shop for a blown running lamp fuse and now have a crank and no start. Here's the story. My guy pulled every fuse to check for which one was blown instead of just using a test light and check each side of the fuse,  and from then on I have had intermittent communication with the ECM and no communication with the FIC, the "eng shut down" and the "elct malfunction" lights come on and off intermittently I have cleaned every fuse and rechecked them, looked at wires in back of fuse panel, checked coolant level in the tank and it's sensor and oil level and so on........ I got a used ECM and FIC from a junk yard that were an exact match on the model and part numbers. Now the lights are coming on and going off like normal when you turn the key on but still no FIC communication and no start. I cannot find any wiring or fuse block diagrams to know what goes to what. The local dealers for 100 miles around no help with service (only parts). Does any one out there know how to get these diagrams or might have one? And if anyone has some insight on this issue that would be wonderful. Thanks ahead of time


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