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Been Snowing Again

j hancock

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3 hours ago, grayhair said:

An experienced plow truck drive with attitude can use a wing plow to shear off mailboxes along with their posts, and flip them end-over-end and send them for a good 50 feet or so.

Years ago I saw a driver clip off every mailbox along Ellicott Creek Rd., Tonawanda, NY.  Damnest thing I ever seen.  Wish I had a video of it.



I know a guy who used to be a wing man on an Oshkosh plow truck. It was a two man crew, one drove and the other operated the plow levers.

He said that by the time you hit the third mailbox, you're laughing so hard that you can't hang on to the levers anymore.



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I remember a story my father told me of plowing Rt 1 with a chain drive Sterling.  The State sent a wingman along.  My father woke up to the truck bumping along shearing off the wooden guard post. When he asked the wingman why he didn't wake him up the man replied "i wanted to see how many miles of guardrail this truck could drag."  Dad said they had a PILE of cable and post dragging along behind them.   He said it didn't phase the Sterling much

Remember if it's got a hood it's no good!

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