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CH Radiator Problem. Cracked Tank by Neck.


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Working on a 2001 ch613 with the crappy plastic radiator tanks. My orginal radiator cracked under the top neck and I replaced it with an all aluminum radiator and that radiator got a leak that couldn't be fixed so I went back to a stock style radiator off a broke down truck. now this radiator is leaking under the top neck. Another guy I work with had the same problem with his CH so it must be pretty common. So is there some kind of plastic weld, epoxy, or anything that will fix this? I know JB weld wont work, tried that on my orginal radiator. It would just leak out from under it the first time it got hot. Would love if there was some kind of two part stuff like jb weld that was made just for this that was maybe a chemical reaction that would actually melt or bond into the plastic kinda like vulcanizing glue for tire patches. Stuff that strictly sticks to the surface just wont work. Are there radiator shops out there that can replace the tanks on these radiators? Im in small town usa and there are no shops around here that can. Any ideas? Im tired of replacing  radiators.

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Thanks for the link. That is a big kit for doing several different welding jobs on plastic but those people have a smaller kit for $70 that is Ange strictly at radiator tanks. Comes with the iron and some nylon rod to fix it. They have a video on their site and it looks easy enough as long as the video wasn't staged. Got one on the way I'll let you know how it works. Thanks again

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