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Mp7 2007 04 EPA Harness


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The harness for that engine runs in the $600 range I think, I don't buy them I replace them. I've replaced dozens of engine harnesses, it's not a bad job as far as I'm concerned. The worst part of the job on a 04 emission's MP-7 is getting the harness disconnected from the mass flow tube module behind the alternator bracket.

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Ok thanks, I see oil on harness coming out of valve cover 6-8 inch,  I also had oil in plugs at ecu, I cleaned ecu with electric cleaner, no test drive yet.  I picked up a  sporadic  miss and lost boost and when I hit a bump it goes away until next bumper of coarse. So from what I have seen in other post must be what's happening.  Thanks again for replying!!

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i ended up taking truck to a Mack shop to replace harness and had over head run, harness was shot, cracks in wires at injectors, glad I had them do it! Truck has 840,000 on it, valves where .10ths loose, they said cam looked good, makes me happy to here that! Also new oil pan gasket done, oil pick-up tube clamp was cracked so new one will be put on, sounds like motor should be good for another 500,000 miles. I hope

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