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electronic malfunction

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so i have two problems coinciding with one another.first off,1994 CH613 extremely randomly dies going down the road. elec mal light comes on. sometimes you can cycle the key and it will fire right back up without skipping a beat. sometimes it needs to sit for 10-15 minutes then it will fire up. radiator switch has been jumped out.

second issue is cruise control is not working. i cant pull the dummy codes off the dash to try and get a start on the first issue. the switches both have power on dash. im on the way out to check clutch/brake switches. not sure that would interupt me from getting codes out of the dash though?

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had a bad brake and clutch switch. it waited till it died to give any codes  6-2 & 6-3 

i have a turbo speed sensor on the way for the 6-2. 6-3 is a ground bad or comm to the ecm.

looks like im going hunting wires

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If this is on a 1994 CH613 then that turbo does not have a speed sensor. Turbo speed sensor was not introduced until v-mac 3 AC engines. Being a 1994 you will have the v-mac 1 electronics system, the only blink codes that start with 6 are 6-5 (Battery low voltage) and 6-6 (internal module communications).  

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