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7-2 Code 2000 Mack CH613

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2000 Mack CH613, Vin last 6, 126398

Have the 7-2 Code, Parking Brake Switch.  Dealer told me it could be one of two switches, sent me both.  One is above the clutch, easy to see and get at, the other is above the throttle.  This one is interesting, as there are 4 of them exactly alike.

His suggestion was to unplug wires and see which one turned on the brake lights...  But...  My problem did not turn on the brake lights (had someone to follow me to watch while moving).  When the electronic malfunction light comes on, the cruise control stops working (like the brake pedal is activated)  but the brake lights do NOT come on.  When I come to a stop, no moving at all, the light goes out.  Start moving again, and get up to 15 mph, the light comes back on again.  Its not guaranteed to come on right away either...  It often comes on as soon as I hit 15 mph, but sometimes, its an hour later. 

Anyone have an easy way to narrow down which of the 4 switches it is?  The malfunction does not occur at an idle...


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