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Vision Starter problems



Hi all

I've recently purchased a 2000 Mack Vision with a 460 mack engine. The truck has about 600K miles on it. So far I've only taken the truck on a couple of short runs. I've thoroughly enjoyed it's comfort. This unit has a winch and wet line. When using the wet line I used the cruise control to up the idle. I've done this on my freightliner with no problems. The problem arose when I was using the wet line for approximately 15 minutes. I was outside the truck and all of a sudden it started making a noise that sounded like the starter engaging and then the truck shutdown.  After opening the hood I found that the starter was hot and smoking. I decided to let the starter and truck cool down and see if it would fire up. No such luck. The truck had low voltage. I charged the batteries and tried again to no avail. When trying to crank it again it didn't turn so well and I assumed that the starter was cooked. Then I left the truck sitting and went about doing something else. Out of nowhere the truck started cranking again. fortunately, I had gloves on and a wrench so that I was able to remove the neg wire to the starter quickly. I got the truck back to the shop and removed the 39MT delco starter. I was told by the auto electrical shop that these starters were hard to get parts for. Consequently I ordered a new OEM starter for it. I also inspected the drive on the old one as well as the trucks flywheel. Fortunately there was no visual damage. 

My question is this. Does and one have any ideas on what may have caused the spooky starter engagement? Do the 39MT's commonly have a fault that can make them have a mind of their own?     Thanks for the help

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I wonder if that problem was caused by the starter switch or the connector failing in the cab that caused to solenoid to engage. Some thing is needed to engage the starter and the switch or starter button or connector is the most likely culprit in my opinion.


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