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Public Radio

Keith Pommerening

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Made the mistake of listening to public radio last week:  They projected a story about Trump's statements on Mrs Clinton's use of the "Woman's Card."  As could be expected, the discussion quickly turned into a love-in and pep fest.

That evening I was channel surfing and "Publics" were begging for viewer support dollars.  It dawned on me that if the "Publics" got paid for all the rallies and support they supplied to liberal politics, they would have to beg!

Looked at their financial statements on the web in an effort to find how many tax dollars are given to the "publics."  Was unable to find the exact amount.  Am sure it was in there among the pages of employees with six figure salaries, just did not find a number.  They claim it is only a couple of percent, but hide that number.  American Thinker says the number is closer to 41%.

Thanks,  Keith

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