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My E-Tech cam is late to the party!

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Last Friday my engine developed a clatter.  It was barely there in the morning, but after lunch it became quite pronounced. Figuring it was a bridge,  I quit early, and took her home.  Monday morning, I went to Mack to get bearings and a wheel seal, which also appeared Friday :) .  I was going to poke around under the  valve covers while I had it home, but the Mack shop had a spot open (for once) and said they could look at it.  Nothing wrong under the top covers, so off with the oil pan.  Well, there  was lifter bits in the pan, so now we're doing a cam r&r and 12 lifters. 

Hopefully, it will be back together Monday.  Not a lot of "good" work lately, but I don't wanna miss any. 

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